Frequently asked questions:

1.   Do I have to nominate a PROJECT OR charity?

No.  If you have a project or charity you would like to nominate,  you are welcome to do so, but nomination as absolutely not required.

2.  Do I have to speak?

No.  Representatives will be given the opportunity to do a short presentation for the purpose of swaying votes before the vote.  Time is very limited. 

3.  If I am a member this year, am I automatically a member next year?

You are not automatically re-entered, but if you wish,  you have the option of selecting to be a permanent member of the "Join us!" page?

4.  Is there a cost for the wine before the vote?

No.  The cost of the wine is being generously donated by Tracey Veinotte of The Red Door Team, a sponsor of our event.  

5.  How will I know what has been done with the money we donated?

Next year's meeting will include an accounting by last year's winners of exactly how the money was spent.  

6.  To whom do I write my cheque?

You will not know the name of the winning charity until the announcement of the final vote.  
When you enter the event, representatives of Scotiabank will be there to accept cheques.  They will guard them carefully until the final vote is complete. 

7.  Is cash an option?

Absolutely!  Please submit cash in an envelope with your name and address for purposes of a tax receipt.

8.  Can I submit money electronically?

This isn't possible since we do not have a bank account.  We simply facilitate donations from you directly to the receiving charity or group.

9.  Will I receive a tax receipt that night?

The winning organization will send out tax receipts when they have processed the cheques.

10.  What if I can't attend the voting meeting?

That would be sad, since it promises to be a lot of fun.  However, you can send your cheque with another member or even send a non-member friend to stand in for you. You can also submit a cheque after the event.