If your charity/organization would like to be nominated:

  • Fill out the application form and we will be in touch to advise on eligibility.



  • There will be a meeting before the event so you can get advice on how to be successful on the night of the vote!
  • It is compelling to have a single project or project cluster that might capture the imagination of the voters.
  • Have a project that will be completed within the year so that you can have a successful conclusion to report at next year's meeting.
  • Include pictures, videos, sketches or any visuals that will help voters get a clear picture of your plan.
  • An estimate (or two) will appeal to the practical nature of your voters.
  • Try to anticipate any questions potential voters may have about your charity/organization.

Your web page:

Each nominated charity is given a page on this site.  You can submit text, photos or videos.  Bear in mind that this is a great place to make your case.  You can win the money if you provide a campaign that wins the hearts and minds of the majority of voters!  Think about what would lure votes toward your favourite cause.  Send photos, plans, tell stories... Anything that would cause people to rally behind your charity!

Will we have a chance to speak to the group?

  • All nominees will speak for 3-5 minutes prior to the vote.
  • The website and the "Meet and Mingle" before the vote will also be an opportunity to promote your project.  
  • It is a good idea to have handouts so that, should people be rushed, they will have an opportunity to read about your project before they vote.
  • You will have a bit of display space.  An eye-catching display will attract interest.

Set-up information:

  • You can come in to set up your display any time after 6:15 on the evening of the event, at the Upper Canada Playhouse.
  • Space is tight, so you won't be allotted very much.  Think maybe half a table.  
  • You may bring handouts, if you wish.  Posters are fine, or a tri-fold display board.  If you have a slide show on a digital picture frame or a laptop, that's great.  Just be sure to bring an extension cord along with you!  (I label mine so it comes back home with me at the end of the night).