Applicants applying for your consideration for the Spring 2024 gathering.

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Dundas Manor Long-Term Care Home is the only home offering 24/7 health care to residents of Dundas County and surrounding areas. It is home to up to 98 people. Thanks to donor generosity, construction has started on the new home, with 30 additional beds, which will open in 2026!


Until that happens, the current home needs new equipment like portable lifts. A portable lift helps caregivers easily and safely move residents, and assist with dressing, bathing and other discreet hygiene needs, while maintaining the residents’ dignity. It reduces the number of transfers needed to care for residents by not only moving but also supporting them during a bath or shower.


Some lifts include a scale which is helpful for staff to weigh residents and monitor their weight-bearing capacity. They are helpful during rehabilitation exercises, keeping them safe, and allowing caregivers to focus on the therapy and evaluation of residents. 


Portable lifts can be moved wherever they are needed, ensuring availability to multiple residents daily.


They are adjustable, which ensures that caregivers are also safe while completing the transfer, easing their workload and reducing the risk of back injuries.


What is the estimated cost of this project?


The cost of these portable lifts and accessories ranges from $13,000 - $16,000 each. We are asking the women of South Dundas to support the purchase of one lift. The lift will be purchased within the year for the current home, and then will move to the new home when it’s ready – helping many residents and their caregivers for years to come.


How will the project benefit the residents of South Dundas?

Most of the residents of the home are from Dundas County, both North and South, as are the staff. We currently have up to 98 residents, and in the new home will have 30 more.

The majority of residents require lifting on a daily basis, and there currently aren’t enough lifts to ensure every resident has one when it’s needed. So some staff are still required to perform manual lifts.


What do you know about this organization that you wish everyone knew?

Most people in the community connect the WDMH Foundation with the Winchester District Memorial Hospital; many are not aware that in 2020 we also became the fundraising partner of Dundas Manor Long-Term Care Home.

Donations to Dundas Manor Activity, General, or Redevelopment Funds through the WDMH Foundation will receive a charitable tax receipt, just like donations towards the hospital.


2. Hospice Application

Website/Social Media


Dundas County Hospice is requesting funds for purpose of creating

increased parking spaces for the safety of all who visit the facility at 4353

County Rd. 31, Williamsburg, On.

We intend to build a 90 X 16-foot parking lot adjacent to the driveway we currently use. At this time, the space allotted for parking consists of grass and throughout most of the year is not usable because the grass turns into mud throughout the spring and after any rainy

day. In the winter the conditions vary from snow packed to drifting snow, slush, or mud. These conditions prevent people from parking in this area or

even from using the space to turn around. As a result, those who visit the office in Williamsburg, park in the driveway and feel compelled to back out

onto a very busy highway – County Road 31.


Dundas County Hospice provides many services that require people to visit the office in Williamsburg. These programs include the medical equipment

loaning library that is available to anyone who lives in Dundas County.

We also have a palliative day program for adults with life -limiting medical issues, caregiver support programs plus support groups and counselling for

Grief and Bereavement.


Our office is very busy; thus, the two-car driveway is difficult for anyone to navigate especially our clients who have mobility challenges and/or are elderly.

We have not yet witnessed any mishaps but, both staff and volunteers have witnessed many near misses as people try to back onto the highway with such limited visibility. In providing these parking spaces it is our hope that people will then be able to use the driveway to turn around and then enter the highway safely and confidently.


Estimated Cost of Project

$12 300.00 (Actual estimate $12 305.70)

Estimated Date of Completion Fall 2024

3. Waterfront Accessibility Project

Our Objective:

To enhance accessibility by providing individuals with mobility restrictions access to beaches.


What is the estimated cost of this project?:

Approximately $15,000


Promote inclusivity:

Ensure that beaches are welcoming and accessible to all members of the community.

Improve quality of life: Enable individuals with limited mobility to enjoy recreational activities and socialize with friends and family at the beach.


Components of the Project: 

Wheelchair Beach Mats:

These mats are durable, non-slip pathways that enable wheelchairs to effortlessly traverse sandy or uneven terrain. They are typically made of reinforced polyester or PVC, providing stability and traction for wheelchairs.

Floating Wheelchairs: Specifically designed for beach environments, floating wheelchairs are buoyant, waterproof chairs that allow individuals to navigate in shallow waters. They offer stability and support, enabling users to enjoy swimming and water activities with ease. 


Project Implementation Plan: 


  • Select a reputable supplier for wheelchair beach mats and floating wheelchairs. Obtain quotes and negotiate contracts to ensure cost-effectiveness.
  • Installation and Maintenance:
  • Work with the municipality to install wheelchair beach mats at designated beach access points. Ensure proper anchoring and maintenance for durability and safety.The ramps will be secured into the ground by the parks and recreation crew every year. They are designed to be in large communities, so they are designed to mitigate theft and vandalism. Prescott has a ramp they have apparently had great success with their installation. During the hours where the lifeguards are present, the wheelchairs will be monitored by the lifeguards. During the times that the beaches are still open at the end of the summer, but there will be no lifeguards on site, there is a plan to store them in the lending  library so they can be loaned out through that program for that period of the year.  Both beaches have storage units for the wheelchairs on site. The ramps are rolled up at the end of the year and they will be stored in the municipality storage facility for the winter.

Training and Awareness:

Provide training sessions for beach staff on how to assist individuals using the wheelchair beach mats and floating wheelchairs. Raise awareness among beachgoers about the availability and importance of accessible beach facilities. Monitoring and Evaluation: Establish a system for monitoring the usage and condition of the wheelchair beach mats and floating wheelchairs. Gather feedback from users and stakeholders to assess the initiative's effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.


Promotion and Outreach:

  • Launch a public awareness campaign to highlight the importance of accessible beaches and showcase the new wheelchair beach mats and floating wheelchairs.
  • To reach diverse audiences and encourage participation, utilize various communication channels, including social media, local newspapers, and community events.



The Accessible Beach Initiative aims to break down barriers to beach access and create welcoming environments where everyone can enjoy the beauty of the St. Lawrence River. By investing in wheelchair beach mats and floating wheelchairs, we can promote inclusivity, enhance the quality of life, and foster a sense of belonging for individuals with limited mobility in our communities.

4. Forward House Application

Historical Society of South Dundas


Description of your proposed project::

We have some urgent repairs that need to be done to Forward House.  Our most immediate need is that the south chimney needs capping and the roof of the annex needs replacing before another winter.  We also need to replace the roof of the main house.


What is the estimated cost of this project?:

Chimney cap $574.61 

Main Roof $6499.76 Total =$7074.37


What is the estimated date of completion if this group receives the donation?

Summer 2024 for the chimney and summer of 2024 or 2025 for the main roof  


How will completion of this project directly benefit the residents of South Dundas?

Today there are only three stone houses still standing in Iroquois that predate the building of the Seaway.

With the construction of the Seaway (1955-58) and subsequent loss and moving of most of the old village of Iroquois, two stone houses were left standing on their original sites: Forward House and Carman House.  The latter is a museum.  A renovation for public use is envisioned for the former.

The Historical Society of South Dundas has a vision of Forward House as a vibrant community hub that would be home to HSSD and also function as a Tourist Welcome Centre that would connect people to the culture and history of South Dundas. We also plan to have a small meeting room available for use by community groups.


What do you know about this organization that you wish everyone knew?:

The Historical Society of South Dundas (HSSD) is a non-profit organization established in 2014 and incorporated under the Ontario Historical Society Act. Its members saved Forward House from demolition in 2018. 

Our goal is to build community through the power of history.  HSSD participates in community events, prepared displays, exhibits, develops educational resources, animates heritage experiences, shares stories, has fundraisers, and advocates for heritage protection.  They maintain an on-line presence via their website and Facebook pages.


Square footage of main house: main floor and upstairs.

1600 square feet

5. Centre 105


Description of your proposed project:

Although this project is located in Cornwall, people from South Dundas have been using this service in the past and will do so in the future. 


Funding to support the start up costs for Centre 105's new Shower + Laundry Program

In 2023, Centre 105 successfully applied for a Capital Grant, through the Ontario Trillium Foundation. We obtained capital funding, to build 2 fully-accessible washrooms at Centre 105, as well as a Shower Room. Funding was also made available to improve a Laundry Room. In February of 2024, construction began on all of these projects, with a completion date at the end of April 2024.


Centre 105 will run the only public shower program in the City of Cornwall and will be one of only a few agencies offering a free laundry program.

We believe that adding a Shower Program will greatly assist the vulnerable population that we serve. We will be combining the Shower Program, with a Laundry Program, and believe that these two programs will both be extremely well used.

Although we have obtained all of the required funding to build the physical space, we are now in need of funding to purchase all of the required supplies. This includes: laundry detergent, dryer sheets, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, face cloths, towels, bath matts, a bench for clients to wait for laundry to complete / for the shower room to become available, as well as signs for the walls on the interior and exterior of these spaces. PPE supplies for staff, including proper gloves, will be required.


We are applying for this funding, to allow us to stock our shelves for these two new, exciting programs. We can't wait to expand our services.

I have been given the authority to submit this proposal on behalf on the organization.: Yes


What is the estimated cost of this project?:


What is the estimated date of completion if this group receives the donation?:

December 31st, 2024

How will completion of this project directly benefit the residents of South Dundas?: Centre 105's social / meal program directly impacts the residents of the City of Cornwall. What many members of the South Dundas community might not know, however, if that we do have many vulnerable individuals from outside of the City of Cornwall, who access Centre 105 for a variety of reasons.


1) The importance of a ready to eat meal, as well as an emergency food hamper, is more significant than ever before, due to the continuously rising cost of groceries.

2) The safe, non-judgemental social space that 105 offers is very much a draw, for many individuals from outside of the City of Cornwall.

3) Laundry and shower facilities

4) Referrals to other community programs. As we all know, accessing help can be a very challenging and daunting task. At Centre 105, we have a trained group of staff members who can assist individuals by providing resources and referrals, to other social agencies. Our Team understand that there are many barriers in place, that prevent vulnerable folks from easily accessing the specific help they need.

What do you know about this organization that you wish everyone knew?: Although poverty and food insecurity are very significant issues in our local community, our Team at Centre 105 Cornwall has learned that the social side of our agency is equally, if not more, important. Individuals access our agency for the safe, non-judgemental social space that we offer.





6. South Dundas Soccer


Description of your proposed project::

South Dundas Soccer was awarded second place for our soccer equipment purchases in 2022. This year, our project pitch is lower cost, and something that as a father, is really awkward to pitch to a large group of women – but it is important.

South Dundas United would like to equip our two handicap accessible washrooms in Iroquois with barrier-free feminine hygiene dispensing machines. These machines are not cheap and we have looked at different companies and programs for this. Our budget for this is $1,500 for 2024 – which will enable the group to buy two machines, and supplied for our summer and fall seasons. The ongoing operational expense can be covered by our canteen budget.


Why do we want to install these?

Times are changing. In the past five years, many organizations have adopted a policy of having feminine products available and accessible. Recently, the Upper Canada District School Board adopted this in their schools, enabling free and readily available access. Having access to these necessary items is important. In the sport of soccer, many clubs are adapting to be more supportive of women players. This is us doing our part, but we need the 100 Women of South Dundas' help.

Talking about this can be awkward, now imagine being a dad trying to help your daughter. We are not equipped for this – really. Having free and readily accessible feminine products helps reduce stigma.

I don't need to over explain this, you all know. Please help us.


What is the estimated cost of this project?: $1500


What is the estimated date of completion if this group receives the donation?: ASAP


How will completion of this project directly benefit the residents of South Dundas?: See above.


What do you know about this organization that you wish everyone knew?:

That every dollar we raise through registrations, sponsorships, and donations is put back into our low-cost and accessible soccer programming to enable nearly 12 months a year soccer for all players in South Dundas and beyond.