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 Dundas Manor Long-Term Care (LTC) Home is the only home offering 24/7 health care to residents of Dundas County and surrounding areas, serving a population of roughly 40,000. It has been an essential part of our local healthcare system for 45 years, helping to keep families together even while living separately due to health challenges.


The current Dundas Manor building is deteriorating. It’s too small, crowded and dated. It is one of the worst LTC buildings in Ontario. There is a lack of space, storage, and privacy – for both residents and staff. The halls are cluttered with supplies and are difficult to maneuver through. The dining rooms are too small, and some residents have to eat their meals in the hallways. The home does not meet accessibility standards, and it’s difficult for staff to assist residents with some daily, personal care.


The Dundas Manor team has been planning for a new home for about ten years. Renovations won’t fix this problem. The Ministry of Long-Term Care says that we must build a new home and gave formal approval to do so in March of 2020.


The estimated cost of the new home is $63 million; the community has currently given about $12 million of the $18 million we need.

The support of this group will help us meet this goal; providing a larger, more accessible home to 30 additional residents, and providing all the comforts of home. Every donation makes a difference and will help make this dream a reality.



What is the estimated cost of this project?: $63,000,000; $18,000,000 from the community

What is the estimated date of completion if this group receives the donation?: Spring 2026

How will completion of this project directly benefit the residents of South Dundas?:

Most of the residents of the home are from Dundas County, both North and South. The home is vital to keep residents close to their family, while they are receiving care.

With the addition of 30 additional beds, that means 30 additional families can access that care for their loved one, close to home.

The new home will create additional jobs in the community, both short and long-term.

Most people in the community connect the WDMH Foundation with the Winchester District Memorial Hospital; many are not aware that in 2020 we also became the fundraising partner of Dundas Manor Long-Term Care Home.


Donations to the Dundas Manor Redevelopment Fund through the WDMH Foundation will receive a charitable tax receipt, just like donations towards the hospital.

Gifts can be given in many ways:

  • one-time cash gifts, monthly or
  • annual pledged gifts, or
  • through stocks and securities,
  • RRSPs/RRIFs/TFSAs, life insurance, or
  • through a legacy gift in your estate.