Description of your proposed project::

  • Item 1 - Service Dog for Autistic individual in South Dundas
    Cost: $2,000 - $7,200
  • Item 2 - Educational event(s) for South Dundas Communities
    Cost: $750
  • Item 3: Canine sporting event(s) for South Dundas Communities
    Cost: $750
  • Item 4: Implementation of Therapy Dog Program for South Dundas
    Cost: $1,300


What is the estimated cost of this project?: $10,000

What is the estimated date of completion if this group receives the donation?:

Item 1: October 2020; Item 2: October 2019; Item 3 October 2019

How will completion of this project directly benefit the residents of South Dundas?: Item 1 - Has the potential to completely change the life of one disabled individual within the community. Helping them greatly mitigate the effects of their disabilities and re-integrate in the community.

Item 2 - Provides community members the tools and knowledge needed to improve the lives of their pets and gain a more fulfilling relationship with them. It will also teach the community how to safely interact with unknown animals and reduce the risk of dog bites occurring through a two pronged approach (of owner education and general public education).

Item 3 - Living in a rural environment can be isolating, and there are reports of increased feelings of loneliness which have links to decreased mental health. Events such as these provide an opportunity for community members to participate in additional social events where their pets are also welcome (and encouraged) to participate.

Item 4 - Provides the community an opportunity to get more involved, and to assist endangered/vulnerable demographics, through their pets. Following the successful completion of training, for both volunteer and animal, they would be scheduled to voluntarily perform visits to approved long term care residences.


What do you know about this organization that you wish everyone knew?:

  • Skunk's Academy is currently 100% volunteer run, and was founded by disabled individuals to assist other disabled individuals. It performs three charitable activities that have a direct benefit to two human demographics, and the dogs of Ontario.
  • Our primary activity is service dog training. Service dogs work with a disabled individual to help mitigate the effects of their disabilities and help them regain their autonomy and independence. Unlike other organizations, we do not enforce a wait list and work closely with the disabled individual through the entire life-cycle of the service dog (from puppy-hood through retirement).
  • Our secondary activity is to offer education on the topics of canine care, training, and behavior, as well as education on the topics of service dogs and accessibility rights/requirements in Ontario.
  • Our final activity, is the training and use of therapy animals. Therapy animals differ from service animals in that they work with their handler to assist others; therapy animals often visit schools, airports, or nursing homes, to help reduce stress and enrich the lives of those who interact with them.