Dear 100+ Woman Who Care South Dundas,

Please accept this as our application for consideration for your funding opportunity. 


Skunk’ Academy, is a charitable organization founded by disabled individuals with the mission to provide disabled individuals a better quality of life through interaction with animals. It undertakes three primary activities: service animal training, therapy animal programs, and education on the topics of canine care; training; and behavior; as well as topics pertaining to the access rights of disabled individuals.

Skunk’s Academy is 100% volunteer run.

A Bit About Service Animals

Service animals are a proven method for mitigating the effects of many disabilities. The type of service animal that people are most familiar with is the Guide Dog; a service animal trained specifically to assist the blind through guiding tasks. Many other types of service animals exist, and (in Ontario) may be animals other than dogs. Some other types of service dogs include: Seizure alert/response, diabetic alert, autism assistance, and PTSD dogs.

What is a Therapy Animal?

Unlike service dogs, who work with a specific individual to mitigate the effects of their disabilities, therapy animals work with their handler to assist other people; therapy dogs do not have access rights, and will enter public/private locations only with explicit permission.

Educational Programs

Skunk’s Academy offers education for businesses on the topic of service animals; this includes assisting them in understanding their rights and requirements under the human rights code, accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, Food Premises Act, and the Trespass Act.

We also offer seminars and other educational events for the public; seminars include but are not limited to: How to safely interact with dogs, the duties of responsible pet owners, the history of dogs (and how to understand them better), and Service Dogs (and the laws governing them in Ontario).


Our Request


Use of Funding

We have two main goals for the use of this funding if acquired. First, is to provide a service animal to at least one member of the south Dundas community. Second, is to provide opportunities for the South Dundas community as a whole to benefit,

To accomplish these two main goals, we have decided that four objectives be set:

  1. Provide service dog to person in need within south Dundas.
  2. Implement therapy dog program for south Dundas
  3. Provide 4 educational events within the communities of south Dundas
  4. Provide 2 social events within the communities of south Dundas


To accomplish the first goal, we estimate a cost of approximately $7,200. These costs are broken down into finding and screening candidates to receive service animal, purchase price of candidate animal, veterinary care, food and dietary supplements, requisite and enrichment items, travel expenses, training expenses, and insurance.


We believe we can accomplish the second objective with a budget of $1,300. This funding would be utilized to provide training to volunteers and their candidate therapy animals, source locations for therapy work (such as school, care homes, and hospitals), cover other travel expenses, and any additional insurance(s) required.


We believe that $500 will be required to successfully accomplish the third objective. Funds would be used to cover the cost of rental spaces required for the events, print take-home resources (course materials), travel, and fees for speakers if any.


The remaining $500 would be dedicated to hosting 2 socials events. Isolation can be a major problem in the rural communities, and we would like to provide an opportunity for community members to get out of the house, meet fellow community members, and have some fun! Our proposed events would be dog related (and dog friendly); our primary option is sporting events (such as lure coursing of agility) which tend to be popular and enjoyable for everyone.

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