Seaway District High School

We are asking The 100 Women Who Care About South Dundas for $10,000 towards this project:

-     $6600 for new computers (Approx. $550 each with monitors and keyboards)

-     $1500 for paint

-     $2000 updated book collection/reading subscriptions

-     $2550 moveable whiteboards ($850 x 3)

-     $900 wall-mounted whiteboards ($300 x 3)

-     $3000 smart televisions ($1500 x 2)

-     $6400 soft seating ($800 x 8)

-     $1800 collaboration tables ($300 x 6)

-     $900 small study tables ($225 x 4)

-     $1950 chairs 

Our estimated date of completion is: December 2019

Description of Proposed Project:

Our Learning Commons Room (also known as the school library) needs to be updated to today’s standards for a high school library. Currently it’s a big, empty, underutilized space. We know it has the potential to be an area where our students could find the resources they would need such as current books, reading subscriptions, technology and a user friendly layout with updated furniture and collaborative working areas.

We are a small school in a rural area and many courses are offered to high school students online. Unfortunately, our students do not have adequate options for a suitable space to access technology and learning resources within the school.  

Every year we face the problems of small spaced classrooms with full student capacity. Teachers have expressed a need for a space to periodically afford students a reprieve from their cramped classrooms. If our library were equipped with the proper teaching tools, such as a smart board and appropriate student seating areas, teachers could use this room.

School libraries are a place for teaching and learning and right now ours is doing neither to its full potential. We know it is important for our library to have the ability to play a vital role in the educational success of our students. We envision it to be a place where students can connect with ideas, information and each other.  We know it is of upmost importance to provide the resources our students need to succeed during their high school years.

Our Current Learning Commons Room:

Goals for Our Learning Commons Room:

Completion of this project will benefit the residents of South Dundas in the following ways:

The Learning Commons Room welcomes and includes everyone. It’s a space where people can connect with ideas and each other. Students, teaching staff and community members all have equal access to information resources. It is a meeting room where citizenship, in physical and digital contexts is developed and supported.  

An updated Learning Commons Room will help our school close the educational gap for students who might otherwise be disadvantaged as it can be a place for them to have access to technology and learning resources they might not have available at home. It will directly benefit our teachers because a teachers teaching and resource materials are dependent on what is available in The Learning Commons Room.

What we wish everyone knew about Seaway District High School:

In 2016 SDHS was under the threat of closure. Hundreds of community members rallied to keep it open. Seaway is an important part of our community where members often gather to participate in various sports clubs; celebrate student accomplishments; attend numerous fundraising, sporting and arts events as well as being host to community programs such as The Early On Child and Family Centre.

Seaway currently has 141 intermediate students (Grade 7-8) and 262 secondary students (Grade 9-12). Our students are volunteers with various local sporting clubs, the foodbank, school mentorship clubs, fundraising events, churches and local retirement homes. They are active participants in the community through Specialist High Skills Major courses in Transportation, Agriculture and Construction. They also have strong connections with local businesses through Co-op Programs. 

To The 100 Women Who Care About South Dundas:

Your organization is incredibly inspiring and commendable. Thank you for your commitment to an ongoing tremendous contribution to our community.

Thank you so very much for considering our project!