Morrisburg BIA

Description of your proposed project:

South Dundas Christmas Markets

  • Morrisburg DBIA is starting an Old Fashioned Christmas Market in 2019 with a Canadian flair, located in the centre courtyard of the Morrisburg Shopping Plaza (South Dundas Township property).  It is our goal to start this event in Morrisburg and to possibly grow it into areas in the municipality in years to come.
  • We have Council’s approval this year in 2019 to get the project off the ground, but we have some start-up infrastructure costs that we cannot manage without some help.  To start, we need to construct 6 rustic Amish-style vendor huts, 8 X 8 feet with tin roofs. 
  • In addition to the 6 vendor huts that we are seeking funding for, we are hoping to add an additional 6 vendor spaces for a total of 12 to start this year, running for 3 consecutive long weekends Thursday to Sunday, starting Thursday, Dec 5th2019. Each week we are hoping to introduce 12 new vendors for a total of 36 possible spots revolving over 3 weeks. In subsequent years we will replace the temporary vendor spaces with rustic Amish-style vendor huts as finances permit.

Example of a rustic Christmas Market 


Example of a rustic Christmas Market 
Example of smaller Christmas Market, comparable to what we envision to start. One thing you will notice in the markets – there are always people there regardless of the weather, and we have similar weather. They have been successful in Europe for centuries…  why not here? 

How will completion of this project directly benefit the residents of South Dundas?

  • Our goal is to create atmosphere and Christmas ambiance in South Dundas as well as provide other festive seasonal programming for people to enjoy. It has long been the intent of local tourism organizations and government to capture some of the drive-through traffic from Alight At Night that passes right through our community on their way to Upper Canada Village. We believe this initiative will help to achieve this goal and make our municipality more prosperous.
  • As part of the Christmas Market, the committee would like to start a new tradition in the municipality with a large Christmas Tree in the Morrisburg Shopping Plaza, with an official lighting and opening ceremony. There are other projects on the drawing board to compliment this initiative such as an Outside Doorway Christmas Decorating contest for both businesses and residents alike.
  • The Market will enhance the Christmas shopping experience for locals, provide entertainment and enjoyment, and draw people from outside the area. Merchandise will be juried, and the idea is to enhance the shopping experience in Morrisburg, not create direct competition for businesses. Food is very much a part of the Christmas Market  experience. By increasing walk-through traffic, the entire municipality will benefit in trickle-down spin-off throughout our community from tourism. It will be fashioned after the Christmas markets model used in Europe, which is a huge tourism draw every year. Three of our organizers have experienced at least 30 markets in 7 European countries, one of which is a quality vendor herself.
  • Since it’s inception we have had an enormous amount of public support for the idea. Our Christmas Markets Committee hopes other organizations will piggy-back and take advantage of the extra people in the area, or come on board and help us make this event more successful..

Thank you so much for your consideration, and thank you for all you do in our community.



Cost of Project:

We have an amazing written quote $13,000 + HST for a total of $14,690.00 delivered, for this portion of the project for which we are applying for funding. The majority of the supplies for these huts will be purchased locally. South Dundas Township has agreed to give tax receipts, and to lease back the huts to the DBIA to ensure longevity of the event.


What do you know about this organization that you wish everyone knew?

The DBIA – Downtown Business Improvement Area – is a group of dedicated volunteers in the business community of Morrisburg. We are 50+ members in the Morrisburg Shopping Plaza and East End Promenade as well as Associate Members in Morrisburg Proper, governed by a Board of Directors. We are a committee of council and have a sitting member of council on our Board. Not only do our Directors volunteer for the business community, we also as business owners support local culture and activities, hospitals, charities and events in our area - things that are important to our community. We have campaigned for the current restoration of the Morrisburg Shopping Plaza, organize the Canada Day Cook-off barbecue with live music, and Porkfest among other events during the year. The DBIA has created a South Dundas Christmas Markets Committee which is comprised of Shelley Cumberland, Helen Derix, Adeana McQuaig-Bedard, Marguerite Baker, Laury Pilon, and Debbi Tryon.

We would welcome other like-minded volunteers for a variety of subcommittees currently being formed.