WDMH Foundation

The Goal: Purchasing A Wireless Fetal Monitor for Obstetrics Department

The Project:

The provincial government doesn’t fund everything that WDMH needs to care for our patients, most

importantly, medical equipment purchases. That’s where the WDMH Foundation comes in – to work with

donors to help fill that funding gap.


One of WDMH’s highest priority medical equipment needs is a wireless fetal monitor for our obstetrics

department. We currently have two monitors, but one of them is due to be replaced.

The wireless monitor sends information to healthcare staff on a continuous basis. It monitors the baby’s

movements, and mom and baby’s heart rates among other crucial information. Because of the wireless

capability, mom can stand, walk, and have a shower or a bath. With a wired monitor, moms can only go as far

as the cord allows – basically around the bed. This isn’t beneficial as expectant mothers are encouraged to

move as much as possible during labour.


What is the estimated cost of this project?

The approximate cost of the monitor is $15,431.  We hope the WWCSD will consider a gift of $7,500 to our

general equipment fund in support of purchases like a new wireless fetal monitor.

What is the estimated date of completion if this group receives the donation?

Once 100% of the funds are raised, the monitor would be purchased within a few weeks.

How will completion of this project directly benefit the residents of South Dundas?

What do you know about this organization that you wish everyone knew?

Our obstetrics department has a stellar reputation. From July – Sept 2017, 100% of obstetrical patients who

answered a survey said they would feel confident recommending our services to their families. Our donors play

a huge role in these results, as it’s only because of them that we have the medical equipment needed to care

for moms and our tiniest patients.

How will completion of this project directly benefit the residents of South Dundas?

In the past five years, 349 babies and their moms from South Dundas have benefited from the current fetal monitors. One benefit is that the monitors provide reassurance and peace of mind to families during labour.  That reassurance is an important part of the delivery process. 

The wireless fetal monitors can contribute to a better delivery experience close to home, family, and friends.

Our Mission: At the WDMH Foundation, we are passionate about building lasting relationships with our supporters.