Morrisburg waterfront advisory committee

The Goal: Accessible Picnic Tables and a Water Filling Station

The goal of the Waterfront Committee is to significantly improve the beach area and amenities at the Morrisburg Community Beach.

While a beautiful location, the area has seen few improvements. With daily swimming lessons and an increase in family and visitor use,

improvements will go a long way to having the area live up to its potential. This Application request is specific to the purchase of

accessible picnic tables and a water station - to provide a seating area (that is not on the ground) and drinking water for kids and

families at the beach for the day and for those walking and running along the waterfront path.

The Project:

Our Committee has proposed that significant improvements be made to the community beach located at the east end of the Morrisburg

waterfront.  After a very long process, we have the go ahead from the Council, Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the SNRCA to

begin this work at the end of summer 2018. 

Improvements include removing the unsafe cement pier, expanding the beach by cleaning the shoreline at both ends, adding sand, and

reconfiguring the grey dock into a square thereby protecting the shoreline from erosion & providing a safe swim area.  We are

reconfiguring ditches and pathways to make entry to the beach easier for strollers/wheelchairs and the parking lot will be expanded.

But after all this, there is still little to no park equipment or furniture to accommodate visitors, families and children. What wooden tables

we do have, have rotted to the point they are no longer usable. We are asking for your help to purchase a minimum of two circular

metal picnic tables (this makes them user friendly for the disabled) and a water fountain/water bottle filling station at the beach.  After

much discussion among our members and staff, it was agreed these two items are of greatest need at this time.

Wheelchair accessible picnic table.

Example of a vandal resistant fountain/water filling station


What is the estimated cost of this project?


2 picnic tables that are wheelchair accessible = $3526

2 picnic tables, same style as at those at the water park = $3226

Combination water bottle filling station/fountain =  $1758     

Thus:  $3526 + $3226 + $1758 + $1106.30 (tax) + $383.70 (plumber)    = $10,000

We would try to keep with the same colour and type  as at the water park for consistency. The tables are portable and can be moved around the park if need be...for example the splash could really benefit from having an additional table.


What is the estimated date of completion if this group receives the donation?


September 30, 2018

How will completion of this project directly benefit the residents of South Dundas?


We have noticed that entire families are coming to enjoy the beach all day long, and would benefit from having several safe and sturdy tables for their picnics.  What we do have are not usable and, even at that, there are not enough to accommodate all visitors. As a result folks resort to sitting on the ground, and with the proliferation of geese in the area, this is not a good idea.

The particular design we have selected does not require yearly maintenance, and will accommodate wheelchairs and portable umbrellas.  Please note that we have been able to purchase one of these tables for the beach this summer, thanks to the generosity of 100+ Women Who Care About South Dundas, in a previous year. 

We believe strongly that a fresh supply of cold drinking water would be of tremendous benefit at the beach, not just to the families and lifeguards, but also to the many walkers who use the pathways in the park on a daily basis each season.   The Committee is happy to supply estimates and photos of the equipment at the presentation.


What do you know about this organization that you wish everyone knew?


The Committee has struck a ‘Friends of the Morrisburg Waterfront’ to build awareness, input and support for park improvements.  We are incredibly lucky to have so much waterfront and parkland within the community, and are working to have it live up to it’s potential. The Committee, Council and staff have been busy, and people will see significant improvements to the beach and the amphitheatre this fall, including a barbecue fundraiser in the summer.