Description of the Project:

Currently all the play structures at the school have to be replaced. They have aged past

the point of use. Safety is now a huge determination in their removal.

Current Play Structure:


Project Costs – How Will the Money Be Spent:

Our goal is $50,000.  This will provide a basic play structure like the example below, for both the kindergarten yard and the elementary yard.

Completion Date or Milestones for the Project:

Summer 2018 – Fundraising complete

Late Summer/ Early Fall 2018 – Play structure installation


How will completion of this project benefit the residents of South Dundas?

Every child deserves the right to an education that includes play and physical activity as a very important aspect of learning.  When all of the schools in South Dundas are strong, viable, and on an equal footing, the entire community benefits.  


What do you know about this organization that you wish everyone knew?

Morrisburg Public School is a vibrant school located in the heart of the village.  One walk through the halls of MPS and you will see that our values of INTEGRITY, RESPECT and EMPATHYare in full effect.  We have a diverse student base that includes the youngest and most vulnerable members of the South Dundas community. 

Here are just some of the community contributions we make, all the while raising awareness,  and developing positive character and communication skills: 

  • Gr. 6 students participate in the “Stay on Course” program - Students are assigned a golf mentor from the community to learn golf skills and in turn, the students teach iPad skills. 
  • We support local charities participating in events while raising funds and awareness. Some of the activities we have participated in: OPP Special Olympics Torch Run, Terry Fox Walk, Skate for Heart & Stroke, MS Read-a-thon.
  • We have strong community connections. Local experts graciously share their  expertise in workshops led by a local veteran, scientists, artists, dancers, & musicians. Support for our school is evidenced by our graduation ceremony when audiences  include veterans, golf mentors, police officers & seniors. 
  • Our school has a strong community tie with The Hartford Retirement home. The Grade 5/6 students are partnered with a senior whom they visit at least once a month.   Students interview their partners and together they document a life history as a writing exercise. During Halloween and Christmas holidays,  the  entire school visits the Home to spread cheer. Students create personalized holiday cards for hand delivery to each resident and we fill the halls and visiting areas with music, singing carols to one and all. 
  • Students help to spread holiday cheer to patients who are in Winchester Hospital by creating individual cards (333 this year) which are delivered  at the tree lighting ceremony at the hospital. 
  • MPS has a “Me to We” Club to focus on local and global initiatives every year. This year, we held a “Scare Away Hunger” campaign leading up to Halloween. Students brought 153 food items to donate to the local food bank. During the Christmas season, our club walks in the Community Christmas Parade to collect monetary donations for the Angel Tree as well as food items for the local food bank. This year we collected $223.70 for the Angel Tree to buy gifts for local children as well as 128 pounds of food.
  • Every year, students do a Jingle Bell Walk to parade donated food items to the Legion for use in food baskets for local families for the holidays, singing  carols and ringing bells to spread cheer as we deliver our contribution.

We treasure our Community involvement and firmly believe that the benefits to students far exceed the effort!