The Iroquois  Committee

The Goal: Additional picnic tables, public barbecues for beach visitors

The goal of the Waterfront Committee is to continue to enhance the experience for local residents and visitors to the Iroquois beach and the waterfront area

Thanks to the generosity of our community and support from municipal government, we have improved the beach itself, the parking lot, drainage, washrooms, and the canteen. Last year a large new deck was built near the canteen and two new picnic shelters were added, making a total of three. The new deck now needs some furniture to make it the gathering place that we have envisioned.


It is our hope to now add more amenities to those areas. We have seen a significant increase in use of the beach with many people visiting from out of the area, along with increased use by local residents who take pride in the improved beach area. Our committee see this as good promotion for the area and an enhancement to the quality of life for residents of South Dundas.


The Project:

We are asking for support to purchase 4 durable and aesthetically pleasing picnic tables to be located on the deck, along with some of the traditional tables. We are planning to add umbrellas as well to give protection from the sun. We also plan to add 4 propane barbecues – one for the deck and one each for the three shelters. These will be secured in place and available to anyone who wants to use them for a cook-out. Notices will be posted that users supply their own propane tank and tidy up the area after use.

What is the estimated cost of this project?


4 picnic tables, [three regular, one with wheelchair access] = $3,600.

4 propane barbecues-- approx. 350 dollars each = $1,400.

Total donation requested = $5,000.


What is the estimated date of completion if this group receives the donation?

 July 1, 2018


How will completion of this project directly benefit the residents of South Dundas?


We have noticed that entire families are coming to enjoy the beach all day long, and would benefit from having several safe and sturdy tables for their picnics.  What we do have are not usable and, even at that, there are not enough to accommodate all visitors. As a result folks resort to sitting on the ground, and with the proliferation of geese in the area, this is not a good idea.

The particular design we have selected does not require yearly maintenance, and will accommodate wheelchairs and portable umbrellas.  Please note that we have been able to purchase one of these tables for the beach this summer, thanks to the generosity of 100+ Women Who Care About South Dundas, in a previous year. 


What do you know about this organization that you wish everyone knew?

The Iroquois Beach has established itself as a destination in the area. Signs on 401 and other roads are in place to lead visitors to the beach. When they arrive, we intend to work at making their visit a pleasant one, and in the process enhance the reputation and visibility of South Dundas.

Our committee is working diligently to establish a “Friends of the Waterfront” group. These volunteers will be asked to assist in operation of the canteen, so the hours can be increased. As well, we are seeking “friends” who will help with the maintenance of the flower beds and shrubs at the beach and who will get involved in organization of events and activities at the Iroquois beach. We are working on plans for several events over the summer such as open mic nights and the already scheduled childrens’ events organized by the recreation department.