Dundas County hospice

Description of the Project:

In 2015, we purchased what is now our office in Williamsburg. A beautiful residence in a prime location in the center

of our catchment area that has been converted to office space as well as a space for our Day Program and support

groups. In 2015, we were nominated and were the beneficiary of the funds collected by this group, the 100 Women

Who Care, South Dundas. This allowed us to upgrade the furnace, install an A/C unit and replace the water softener.

And for that, we are forever grateful!

We are hoping for the support of this group again. Last year we had a leak that was limited to a storage closet in the

upstairs bathroom. When the drywall was removed in order to repair the damage, it was discovered by the contractor

that the roof boards under the metal roof were in poor condition. This is something that wasn’t known to us at the

time the house was purchased as the damage was not visible on the outside to the inspector. The area of immediate

concern was repaired but we were advised that it is in our best interest to address the entire roof on the original/main

part of the house. The metal sheets will have to be removed from the roof, the boards underneath replaced, the metal

sheets reattached, everything resealed, proper venting installed, etc. The project is a priority for us as we want to

prevent further damage from occurring.

Project Costs – How Will the Money Be Spent:

We are asking for $10,000 toward this cost. The projected cost of the roof repairs is $9861.00 + 384.58 (approx. the

portion of HST that is not recoverable). For a total of $10,245.58.

Completion Date or Milestones for the Project:

The repair can be completed as soon as possible dependent upon the weather and contractor availability.

How will completion of this project benefit the residents of South Dundas?

The completion of the project will allow Dundas County Hospice to keep our #1 asset in good working order. It will

allow us to keep offering up our facility for things like the Palliative Day Program and our Caregiver Coffee Group and

Grief and Bereavement Support Group. Clients and families come to our office for our various programs, to receive

support and help navigating the health care system. Our staff uses the office space to coordinate the many services

that are delivered in clients’ homes as well as to coordinate our Equipment Loan Program.

What do you know about this organization that you wish everyone knew?

Dundas County Hospice is a community hospice that provides services to residents of North and South Dundas who

are facing life-threatening illness. We are a non-profit, charitable, community support service organization. We

receive about 55% of our funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care through the Champlain Local

Health Integration Network. The balance of our budget must be raised through our newsletter campaign, general

donations, memoriam donations, grants, fundraising events and planned or legacy giving. We would not be able to

offer the programs and services we do without the generous support of our communities.

Dundas County Hospice began training volunteers to provide support services in this area in 1992. Since then our

organization has grown tremendously and continues to grow. The complement of services we currently offer


  • Volunteer Visiting Program
  • Equipment Loan Program
  • Palliative Day Program
  • Complementary Therapies Program
  • Caregivers Support
  • Grief and Bereavement Support