Description of the Project

Community Food Share is striving to be more than simply a food bank with a day-to-day focus on giving food to hungry people. We are evolving into a force for change. With this project we plan to take further action on giving people access to healthy food.

The first step was introducing Healthy Choices. With this recent initiative, we made a commitment to use our food dollars to purchase healthier items in greater quantities - milk, cheese, whole wheat bread, yogurt, fruits and vegetables. Everyone deserves healthy, nutritious food & it is important that we meet the nutritional needs of our families. 

We have recently installed a walk-in freezer in our Morrisburg location at a cost of $8,136. We have managed to fundraise $5,000 and need the 100 Women to help us with the remaining $3,136. 

Our next step is to create a Community Learning Kitchen, a Program that will allow us to further engage with our clients. We will offer cooking classes and group activities to help develop their food skills and encourage healthy eating in an inclusive and positive environment. The objective is to move people toward self-sufficiency by providing practical life skills. To accomplish this, we need to purchase a range and install/upgrade the wiring required to run it.


Project cost – How will the money be spent: 

The total amount to pay off the walk in freezer, purchase and install a stove, and upgrade the wiring is $5,000.


What is the estimated date of completion if this group receives the donation? 

The walk-in freezer is in use and stocked with frozen food.  The stove and wiring would only be done if we are successful in getting funding from the 100 Women Who Care About South Dundas. We would complete the install of the stove in 2018.


How will completion of this project benefit the residents of South Dundas?


In the past we have had to turn down some substantial food donations due to lack of freezer space. We can now accept more of these donations which will greatly benefit our clients (and by extension the community) by increasing the choices of healthy food and reducing our costs. 

The same can be said for the cooking classes, as the participants would not be restricted to clients of the Community Food Share. 

What do you know about this organization that you wish everyone knew?

We wish that people knew the desperate situations that some members of our community find themselves. Food is such a basic human need, yet there are many within the boundaries of our municipality who cannot afford to feed themselves.